Groomsmen Consultation
60 minutes
This appointment is designed to take the pressure off of our grooms. Sometimes too many opinions can be a little stressful, so this appointment is just for the groom and the bride. We use this time to look through our styles to determine if we have what the groom is looking for and to complete his wedding party's wedding day look. During our time together we also set up our grooms profile for colors and styles, and gather all of your groomsmen’s information. If time allows, we will also take the opportunity to measure the groom and get his attire ordered. Once this is established, additional groomsmen can then give us a call to set up their Groomsmen Measurements appointment. 

This appointment is also available to those grooms who want to purchase their suit.
Groomsmen Measurements
30 minutes
This appointment is available after the ‘Groomsmen Consultation' appointment. We use this time to visit with each of our groomsmen to get their measurements and place their deposit on their suit, which will then be ordered. We will be asking to keep a credit card on file for every rental this season, due to issues we have had in the past with damages and late returns.

If you are from out of town and will not be able to schedule a Groomsmen Measurements appointment with us, we can help you find a Jim’s Formalwear provider close to where you live and they will be able to provide you with measurements, which you can then call into us. As a disclaimer, we cannot be responsible for measurements that are not done in our store. If new items need to be ordered due to incorrect sizing, it will be the responsibility of that groomsmen to cover those additional costs.
Bros & Brew Premier
120 minutes
This appointment is for the groom who wants all of his groomsmen to be a part of the fun. Our Menswear suite used for this appointment can accommodate up to 6 plus the groom. Included with this appointment is 1 bottle of craft beer for each groomsman attending. A $150 deposit is charged for this appointment. While the suits are being ordered, $100 of this cost will then be split among each groomsmen ordering a suit with us to go towards the final rental cost.